8 Ball Motorcycle Tires

Rob with his BMW R1200GS Adventure


Rob Fischlowitz

co- Founder & COO

If you’ve met 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires co-owner Rob Fischlowitz even once, you’ve probably never forgotten him – with a larger-than-life personality, lightning-fast sense of humor, and a level of motorcycles knowledge that could only be called encyclopedic, Rob makes motorcycle tires fascinating & fun!

Rob brings a wealth of knowledge to 8 Ball, including Fortune 500 management and extensive motorcycle industry experience. With a career spanning two decades, he has done everything from retail management, running regional distribution, and he was even a company spokesperson for several well-known national brands.

Rob’s passion for motorcycles isn’t limited to the business side of the industry – quite the contrary. Rob’s heart is in the motorcycle business because he absolutely loves riding. Over the course of 20-plus years, he has found himself behind the handlebars of everything: dirt bikes, sport bikes, adventure bikes, and anything else in between.

Rob’s life as a rider started early with crashing a dirt bike through a fence while on vacation in Hungary, but over the years has taken him over countless miles of roads and dual sport trails across North America, shredding exotic superbike tires on world-renowned racetracks and clocking over 1,000 miles in a single day as part of an Iron Butt challenge. Rob even had a short racing career that landed him on the cover of Roadracing World magazine, sharing it with “The Doctor” himself, MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi.

Rob’s long riding career has taken him nearly 500,000 miles on two wheels – a distance that equates to many, many sets of tires. There are very few tires Rob hasn’t ridden. His extensive experience gives him a keen sense for even the subtlest difference between motorcycle tires and how they affect every aspect of the ride. Rob’s passion at 8 Ball is to share his knowledge about the wealth of options available to riders of all types, and to help them experience what a difference the right tire can really make. Even if you don’t know a thing about motorcycle tires besides the fact that they are round and black, you’ll leave a conversation with Rob feeling like a tire expert!