8 Ball Motorcycle Tires

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Ken on the Lost Coast Trail in Northern California


Ken Wahlster

Founder & CEO

Founder Ken Wahlster started 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires to change the way motorcyclists think about motorcycle tires. He’s been riding and racing motorcycles for over 30 years and he loves motorcycle tires. That may sound strange to some people, but Ken doesn’t care. Simply put he is a motorcycle tire geek. He’s ridden and raced in major events across North and Central America and won the California Rally Championship in 2010 on his KTM 950 Super Enduro.

Known for his demanding approach, he has been asked to test newly released tires both on the road race track and off road by major manufactures from around the world. If you ask him about work he’ll tell you with a big grin that he has “the best job in the world!”

Ken is also a successful business person and entrepreneur. He paid his way through the University of Pittsburgh by working at a motorcycle shop and went on to earn his MBA in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University. Ken enjoyed a successful career in international finance for several Fortune 100 companies where he traveled the world, but his love for motorcycling never faded and he left his position in the corporate world to found a .com in 1999. Under his 15 years of leadership the company became one of the Internet Retailer Top 300 websites. After selling his ownership in 2015 he decided it was time to shake things up again and is now focused on his vision to make 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires the number one place motorcycle riders go for rubber by creating a motorcycle-only tire-only shop where riders who know what they want can get tires installed while they wait in a welcoming atmosphere and where riders who aren’t sure what they need can discuss their options with knowledgeable friendly staff. In short, he is on a mission tho bring back the old-school motorcycle shop where riders are treated with respect and where the staff are happy to share their expert knowledge. 

So why just motorcycle tires?  Simple, Ken believes to be the best at something you need to be focussed.  Motorcycle Dealerships are often torn between multiple masters (new motorcycle sale, used motorcycle sales, financing, insurance, parts, accessories, service, factory recalls, crash repair, and the list goes on…). 

Ken’s vision for 8 Ball is a place where people come with one thing in mind and receive the best possible experience while there.  He likens it to going for wings and beer… When you you want wings and beer, you go to the best place in town for wings and beer.  You don’t go to a place that tries to do everything, because being the best at everything is impossible.  Being the best at one thing is possible.  If you know you want motorcycle tires, the best place to go is 8 Ball!

He hopes to eventually open locations across the globe and become the world’s #1 retailer of motorcycle tires.  It’s simple, it’s straight forward, it’s achievable, and it is very Ken!