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Along with the condition of the tires on your motorcycle, brake wear and function are equally important.  Going fast on a motorcycle is fun… stopping fast is essential!

There are straightforward visual cues involved in checking your motorcycle bake pad for wear, so if you have any questions / concerns about the pads on your motorcycle please stop by your closest 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires for a free inspection.   We’ll show you how to determine if you need new brake pads and provide a free no obligation estimate if you do need new pads.

As for actually replacing your own brake pads, we’d encourage you to think very hard about that decision. Small mistakes when dealing with motorcycle brakes can have big consequences. We recommend that brake pad replacement is a job for professionals such as 8 Ball technicians unless you feel you are very confident, competent and experienced. 

Either way, we have brake pads in stock and we are here to help!

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