8 Ball Motorcycle Tires is a motorcycle-only tire shop staffed by a knowledgeable team dedicated to providing you with the very best products and service.

We invite you to experience a totally new concept. A shop dedicated to doing one thing better and faster than anyone else… motorcycle tires! In the auto market there are numerous examples of tire shops (Discount Tire, America’s Best Tire, Costco, etc.) so we thought it was time motorcyclists had something to call their own. Let us change the way you think about motorcycle tires. Come in and see what 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires is all about.

Selection & Pricing

We stock all the top motorcycle tire brands and have the largest selection of the tire sizes you need for your motorcycle. We sell our motorcycle tires at internet prices…that’s right…not even Amazon can beat 8 Ball! We even back it up with our Best Price Guarantee! We will match any advertised price on any tires we install on your motorcycle. Simply put 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires won’t be beat! Do you need something really unique? No problem. If the tire you need is still in production we will order it for you. We receive most special orders the next day!


Our staff is dedicated to one thing: Installing your tires professionally and quickly. Unlike many shops, your tire change is not competing with oil changes, engine rebuilds, manufacturer’s warranty work, etc. We are experts in motorcycle tire knowledge, fitment and installation. Also we don’t charge more for installation if you purchased your tires online. It’s the same amount of labor for us either way… so we charge the same price for install no matter where you purchased your tires. Nobody does motorcycle tires like we do.


We’ve created a casual environment for you to pass the time while we change your tires. Shoot some pool, play some shuffleboard, or watch some racing on our 50″ TV. Grab a seat, a cold water or a hot cup of coffee, and just relax. We want you to enjoy your experience here at 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires.

Traction is everything… engine tuning & modification will allow you to go faster and high performance brake systems will help you stop, but without the right tires on your machine none of that matters… So stop by 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires and we will help you get the most out of your motorcycle.

Ken’s Bio

Founder Ken Wahlster started 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires to change the way motorcyclists think about motorcycle tires. He has been riding and racing motorcycles for over 30 years and he loves motorcycle tires. That may sound strange to some people, but Ken doesn’t care. Simply put he is a motorcycle tire geek. He’s rode and raced in major events across North and Central America and won the California Rally Championship in 2010 on his KTM 950 Super Enduro. Known for his opinionated and demanding approach, he has been asked to test newly released tires both on the road race track and off road by major manufactures from around the world. If you ask him about work he’ll tell you with a big grin that he has “the best job in the world!”

Ken is also known as a successful business person and entrepreneur. He paid his way through the University of Pittsburgh by working at a motorcycle shop and went on to earn his MBA in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University. Ken enjoyed a successful career in international finance for several Fortune 500 companies where he traveled the world, but his love for motorcycling never faded and he left his position in the corporate world to found BikeBandit.com in 1999. Under his 15 years of leadership from 1999-2015 BikeBandit.com grew to become one of the Internet Retailer Top 300 websites in the USA. After selling his ownership in Bikebandit.com he decided it was time to shake things up again and is now focused on his vision to make 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires the number one place motorcycle riders go for rubber by creating a motorcycle-only tire shop where riders who know what they want can get tires installed in a welcoming atmosphere and where riders who aren’t sure what they need can discuss their options with knowledgeable friendly staff. He hopes to eventually open locations across the globe and become the world’s #1 retailer of motorcycle tires.

Ken Wahlster - Friend of AMA Award

Rob’s Bio

If you’ve met 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires co-owner Rob Fischlowitz even once, you’ve probably never forgotten him – with a larger-than-life personality, lightning-fast sense of humor, and a level of motorcycles knowledge that could only be called encyclopedic, Rob makes an under-appreciated topic like motorcycle tires fascinating!

Rob brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, including Fortune 500 management and extensive motorcycle industry experience. With a career spanning two decades, he has done everything from retail management, running regional distribution, and he was even a company spokesperson for several well-known national brands.

Rob’s passion for motorcycles isn’t limited to the business side of the industry – quite the contrary. Rob’s heart is in the motorcycle business because he absolutely loves riding. Over the course of 20-plus years, he has found himself behind the handlebars of everything: dirt bikes, sport bikes, adventure bikes, and anything else in between.

Rob’s life as a rider started with crashing a dirt bike through a fence while on vacation in Hungary, but over the years has taken him countless miles on dual sport trails across North America, shredding exotic superbike tires on world-renowned racetracks and clocking over 1000 miles in a single day as part of an Iron Butt challenge. Rob even had a short racing career that landed him on the cover of Roadracing World magazine, sharing it with “The Doctor” himself, MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi.

Rob’s long riding career has taken him nearly 500,000 miles on two wheels – a distance that equates to many, many sets of tires. There are very few tires Rob hasn’t ridden. His extensive experience gives him a keen sense for even the subtlest difference between motorcycle tires and how they affect every aspect of the ride. Rob’s passion at 8 Ball is to share his knowledge about the wealth of options available to riders of all types, and to help them experience what a difference the right tire can really make. Even if you don’t know a thing about motorcycle tires besides the fact that they are round and black, you’ll leave a conversation with Rob feeling like a tire expert!

Chase’s Bio

Founder Ken Wahlster started 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires partially to fill a need in the market, partially to provide opportunities for people who wanted to open a motorcycle shop to fulfill that dream and partially to have fun.  As part of that fun many riders have already grown to love Chase the shop dog.  Like Ken, Chase is a high energy individual and he can usually be found running around the San Diego shop meeting customers, playing fetch or getting a belly rub.  He is a very friendly dog, so please stop by to meet him.

In his free time Chase enjoys long walks on the beach, fetching and chewing just about anything.

Ken Wahlster - Friend of AMA Award

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