So we like to test all the new tires we can and being avid adventure riders we definitely were excited to get our paws on the new Conti TKC70.  We have tens of thousands of miles on both the TKC80 and the Trail Attack 2. Both of these are excellent tire choices for the BMW R1200 GSA as well as other models.  For this test we mounted a set of brand new TKC70 on a 2015 BMW R1200GSA and headed south, as in way south… past the half way point on the Baja peninsula to a charming little town called Mulege.  Total ride time = 6 days.  Total distance >1,000 miles.

First impressions were a little “tippy”.  The rear tire seemed to have a tipping point in turns.  This was quite annoying on a fully loaded GSA and concerning with 1,000 miles ahead of us. However, this seemed to be just a break in issue and it subsided after the first 100 miles.  We think the cause was the raised center strip of rubber on the rear tire was a little too high causing the rear tire to tip in… once that strip wore down a bit the sensation went away and these babies were stickier than a kindergartner’s fingers after lunch.  Total confidence in the corners all the way to the edges.  No chicken strips here.  The front held up nicely in the corners as well to the GSA’s weight and torque and was equally trust inspiring.  There was zero issue holding a line while driving through the corner.  The carcass is stiffer than the TKC 80 as well which was nice on the not so nice Baja roads.

Off road was also very good and exceeded expectations.  The new TKC 70 does not have the same off road abilities of the legendary TKC 80, but that would be a lot to ask of a tire that promises way more mileage on road.  Let’s face it, the TKC 80 is amazing off road, but the limited life makes taking a long trip on a set impossible.  We are happy to get 2,000 miles out of a set of TKC 80s.  This is why we only use them when we have a full off road trip planned.  To keep things in perspective, 2,000 miles off road gets you from San Diego to Cabo san Lucas and back… that’s a lot of off road traction action and would take an accomplished off road rider about 8 days of fairly hard riding.  We’ve done this trip several times and the TKC 80s are great for a mostly off road run.  However, the new TKC 70s promise better handling on the black top and much better mileage.  With that said, we rocked (literally) the TKC 70s on about 150 miles of moderate off road (rural roads and two-track sand) during this trip and they were really solid.  I was able to loft the front wheel on the 800 lb GSA with only throttle input revealing a better than expected grip from the rear tire and its innovative tread design.  The front held strong in all but the slipperiest decomposed granite which is a challenge for any tire.

Conclusion, what a great addition to the enduro / adventure tire lineup from Conti.  These should come stock on the BMW GSA models.  They’d be great on any mid to heavy weight enduro machines and suitable for longer trips.  We estimate the mileage on a properly inflated set to be around 6,000-7,000 miles.

Some of the high points that make the Conti TKC70 unique:

  • Brand new Conti enduro tire with rugged off-road capability and a balanced street performance.
  • Newly developed trail tire with a radial and diagonal design constructed for off-road use with a speed index up to 240 km/h – all radial tires are handmade in Germany.
  • TKC 70 is positioned for light to medium off-road use with extraordinary street performance.
  • Uniquely constructed tread block pattern makes the TKC 70 quiet and stable on the road while still providing good off-road capability.
  • Agile on streets and safe on gravel roads.
  • MultiGrip: Continentals own semi-dual compound technology allows different levels of hardness on the central tread and shoulder area (more mileage and improved grip).
  • RainGrip: New compound with outstanding grip in wet weather conditions and very short warm-up phase.
  • The 0° steel belted construction guarantees high stability and a low kickback.

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What are the strenghts of the TKC 70 in comparison to the ContiTrailAttack 2 and TKC 80:

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Conti TKC70 Motorcycle Tire

Written by: Ken Wahlster
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